Emmanuel Norman born in Kiel, Germany, originated in Ghana, grew up in the city of Mönchengladbach; during a vacation at the Baltic Sea, a family friend of the Norman’s, took young Emmanuel at the age of 14 and introduced him to Kitesurfing. He then fell deeply in-love with the sport but the sea was far from where he lived… he wouldn’t quit there! He started Kitelandboarding. In 2009 he became 2x German Champion for kite landboarding in the categories of race and freestyle. As soon as he got the opportunity to travel, he didn’t hesitate to go to the Gold Coast, Mexiko, West Africa among other hotspots to create content for his kitesurf sponsor Creative, Kind-hearted, Confident, are what best explain Emmanuel Norman. Having fulfilled his kitesurfing dreams he became a brand ambassador for many brands.

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